The origins of Chetumal date back to the time of Mayan culture (320 to 946 AD), when the people of the Itza occupied this jungle territory. The region where the town Chetumal currently sits, immediately before the arrival of the Spanish was a Mayan cacicazgo called Chactemal (name from which comes the present of the city), which controlled what today is the south of Quintana Roo and the north Of Belize, its political head has not been pinpointed. After the fall of the Confederation of Mayapán this territory was dominated by the putunas, who consolidated to the region of Bacalar and Chetumal (or Chactemal as it was known at that time), like an important agricultural zone. The last cacique that governed Chactemal was Nachán Can, to whom they were given like slaves two survivors of a Spanish shipwreck: Gonzalo Guerrero and Jerónimo de Aguilar.