The airport in Mexico with the most international traffic. Located in Cancun and 30 minutes away from Playa del Carmen.

Cancun international airport is the most important one in Latin America because of the international passengers. More than 21,4 millions of people have been in Cancun in 2016 and this one is the most requested destination by people from Mexico, USA and Canada.

Cancun International Airport is the second one most important in Mexico and has the largest variety of foreign airlines in the country. There are 3 terminals and they are building the forth one. That’s mean this airport could recive around 32 millions of people in 2020.

21 national and 108 international destinations, 29 countries, 69 airlines and 3 routes coming soon. 15 countries in America, 16 european countries and 3 projects in Asia.

There are many restaurants and shop inside. More than 20 restaurants in which you can taste chinese food, seafood, mexican food, etc. Also you can contract other services like renting cars o buying tours.